Dockery Chapel sends prayers and a message with 548th TC Soldiers

Citizen-Soldiers with the 548th Transportation Company in Trenton bow their heads in prayer at Dockery Chapel in Trenton. These Soldiers received 170 devotional books and prayer cloths on behalf of their unit as they prepare to deploy to Afghanistan for a year. (Photo by Jennifer Archdekin)


By Jennifer Archdekin

TRENTON - Dockery Chapel in Trenton took the opportunity to show their love and support for Citizen-Soldiers of the 548th Transportation Company during their March 6 worship service.

The unit was completing their final home station drill that weekend before leaving for pre-deployment training the next morning. The Soldiers will train the next five weeks at Camp Clark in Nevada, Mo. before their year-long deployment to Afghanistan.

Pastor Doug Franklin said the church knew of the unit's upcoming deployment and during the Advent season the congregation decided to reach out to the unit. Dockery's missions team chose to send the daily devotional book, "Strength for Service, To God and Country," and prayer cloths with every Soldier being deployed.

"We thought, wouldn't it be nice if we could get devotionals for everyone that's going to be deployed, so they would have something to read while they're there," said Franklin. "They would know that there's people back home that are thinking of them, that are caring for them and are praying for them."

The church immediately went to work on the project.

"We found out there was going to be 170 of them that were going to be deployed," said Franklin. "Then we knew this was a God-sized dream that we were being asked to do."

The team helped raise money to purchase the books by challenging church members to spend less money at Christmas and use the money they would have spent to buy devotionals for the Soldiers.

That morning, 170 devotionals sat at the altar for the unit.

"Their names have all been written in there by the missions committee and people have already begun to pray for you guys as you go to take off," said Franklin.

Dockery also presented their version of a prayer shawl to each Soldier. Members knitted a smaller version to also remind the troops they are being prayed for.

"I want to thank you guys for being here with us today for the work that you do on our behalf in Trenton, and all around the world now," said Franklin. "We do thank you."

The unit's deployment ceremony is scheduled for mid April in Trenton.

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