Missouri's Reserve Military Force holds first muster

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Maj. Gen. Stephen Danner, adjutant general of the Missouri National Guard, administers an oath to the initial members of the Missouri Reserve Military Force at the Ike Skelton Training Site. More than 50 Missouri National Guard retirees recently attended the first muster of the reserve force. (Submitted photo).

By Sarah E. Lupescu

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - More than 50 Missouri Guard retirees attended the first muster of the State of Missouri Reserve Military Force at the Ike Skelton Training Site in Jefferson City.

Organized under the adjutant general, the Missouri Reserve Military Force is a volunteer force that stands ready to assist during state and local emergency management operations and disaster response support in accordance with Missouri Revised Statutes 41070, 41.080, and 41.480.

"The National Guard has become such an integral part of the active components as an operational force that many states are standing up reserve forces to supplement state emergency and natural disaster assistance," said Maj. Gen. Stephen Danner, the Missouri's adjutant general. "The Guard needs our retirees' experience in each of Missouri's 114 counties and city of St. Louis to organize and lead volunteers to supplement our active National Guard."

The first muster served as an informational meeting for the retirees.

"The new members received overviews of the Missouri National Guard's organizational structure and current guidance on reserve force utilization," said retired Col. Bruce Pearre, the logistics officer for the Missouri Reserve Military Force. "They were also briefed on the Missouri National Guard's emergency response plans and liaison officer responsibilities. In the event of an emergency, reserve force members could serve as liaison officers in affected counties."

In addition to the informational briefings, Danner administered the oath to initial members of the Missouri Reserve Military Force and provided his vision for the mission and organization of the reserve force.

The Missouri Reserve Military Force will increase the strength of the Missouri National Guard and state emergency response capabilities by providing trained professionals with a wealth of diverse experience.

The Missouri Military Reserve will not only enhance the state's ability to respond effectively to natural disasters, but will ensure that retirees with valuable skills still have a way to use them in service to their state and communities, said Danner.

Missouri Reserve Military Force missions will mirror those of the National Guard and include protecting life and property in times of emergency, assisting the adjutant general in preparation of the mobilization of the Missouri National Guard for active duty, assisting Family members at home during deployments, and assisting the adjutant general in control and operation of state military property left behind following Missouri National Guard mobilizations.

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