Aviation Brigade Soldiers conduct joint training mission

By 1st Lt. Kerri Brantley, 35th Combat Aviation Brigade

FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO - The 35th Combat Aviation Brigade recently conducted a simulated mission with a five-member team from Joint Terminal Attack Controller during reserve component unit training.

As a part of training for deployment, the team found themselves stranded in hostile territory after they had secured their objective. Two AH-64D Apache Longbow aircrews provided air support for the team in the simulated mission.

Chief Warrant Officer 5 Robert Moore Jr. was the master gunner in the lead aircraft, and with his team, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Robert Murrell II, Capt. Christopher Borgmann, and Capt. Brian Hoelscher, they successfully made contact and destroyed all enemy targets that prevented the team from escaping.

The aircrew led the way for the ground crew and immobilized any hostile forces that obstructed the escape route.

After the first show of force the aircrews cleared a route for the convoy to make it to their supply cache, which contained ammunition, food, and water.

During the exercise, the team had to secure a hostage who made it safely out of enemy control. With the information transmitted to the aircrews, they successfully identified the suspected building and set-up security while the hostage was extracted.

When one vehicle became damaged and needed replaced, Moore directed the team to a replacement.

The simulated mission was an evaluated task for the team, but was made possible with the collaboration of the two units working together.

"It was great to train with ground control operations in preparation for deployment," said Murrell.

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