Missouri Guard to add three new engineer units, almost 190 jobs

By Matthew J. Wilson

FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. - The Missouri National Guard is creating almost 190 new jobs as the 35th Engineer Brigade expands by adding three new units to its fold.

The 1135th Engineer Company (Clearance), 335th Engineer Platoon (Area Clearance) and 235th Construction Management Team started this month. Seven of the new positions will be fulltime, while the rest will be traditional, said Maj. Gen. Stephen L. Danner, adjutant general of the Missouri National Guard.

"The Missouri National Guard is a recognized leader in the engineer community and has a proven track record of growing new units," Danner said. "We've got the capabilities to ensure that these new units receive the training and manning they need to be successful, and look forward to the opportunities they will provide for our Soldiers and our state."

Lt. Col. John Findley, the brigade's fulltime administrative officer and executive officer, said adding the three new units was a great opportunity to increase the state's engineer capabilities.

The 35th Engineer Brigade consists of all of the Missouri Guard's engineer assets in the state, which includes two battalions and 14 additional companies.

The 1135th will be under the command of Capt. Lawrence Hardwick. It will be located at the armory in Richmond and include 148 positions. Most of those positions are for combat engineers, but the unit will require some communications, administrative and maintenance personnel.

The mission of the 1135th will be to keep roadways clear.

"They'll clear main supply routes, roads and traffic ways so our Soldiers can move freely within their area of operation," Findley said. "They can also provide their skills to keep domestic roads cleared during state emergency duty."

Findley said clearing roads is the number one mission overseas right now.

"It's definitely relative to the current war fight, that's for sure," he said.

The 335th will be housed at the Rolla armory. The new platoon has 31 positions, all of which are combat engineer slots. The platoon leader will be 2nd Lt. Andrew Lough.

The platoon's mission will be to clear areas so structures can be built upon them.

"Let's say this headquarters is going to set up in the field," Findley said. "An area clearance unit goes in and clears an area for it, as opposed to a route."

The 235th is a nine-person unit of officers and senior enlisted Soldiers who will be stationed at the brigade armory at Fort Leonard Wood. The officer in charge for the team of construction engineers will be Maj. Charles Bach.

Its mission is to design construction projects.

Most of the positions will be for Soldiers already in the Guard, while Findley said a few slots will be given to newer recruits.

Any current Guardsmen interested in joining the 1135th or 335th should contact Maj. Mike Brown at 417-624-0722 or michael.jay.brown@us.army.mil.

Any current Guardsmen interested in joining the 235th should contact Sgt. 1st Class Kevan Phillips at 573-596-01666 or kevan.phillips@us.army.mil.

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