Breakfast with the Boss honors Missouri employers for support of Guardsmen and Reservists

Chief Steve Meyers, Fulton Police Department, receives the Patriot Employer award at a Breakfast With the Boss with the Missouri Employement Support of the Guard and Reserve. (Photo by Spc. Sarah Lupescu/Missouri National Guard)

By Spc. Sarah Lupescu

COLUMBIA, Mo. - The Missouri Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve, an agency of the Department of Defense, held a 'Breakfast with the Boss' event recently. The breakfast meeting honored employers for their extraordinary support of employees who serve in the Guard and Reserve. Participating employers were nominated by employees currently serving in the military reserve components.

Employers got a firsthand opportunity to learn how ESGR works and benefits offered. With employer support, Service members deploy without worrying about their civilian jobs. The event also gave employers an opportunity to network with other employers of the National Guard and Reserve.

Another benefit these employers may experience in the future - the employers' excursion known as an ESGR Bosslift, a program designed to introduce employers to the military lives of their employees - take employers on aerial rides where they get to see their employees in the training environment.

"We all serve, we're all in this together," said retired Brig. Gen. Tracy Beckette, state chair of Missouri. "You make a difference by taking care of your employees and their Families."

Col. Wendul Hagler, Missouri National Guard joint chief of staff, also addressed the crowd.

"Your contribution is meaningful. I'm hopeful we can reciprocate. Give us your employees and we will give you back Soldiers, or Marines, or Airmen, or Sailors. These are meaningful because they represent the common traits you value," said Hagler. "I hope you will get a lot for what you pay for. We owe you that."

The morning culminated with Patriot Award recognition. The award is given to employers who demonstrate "Above and Beyond" support and service in the National Guard and Reserve.

Some employers also signed a statement of support, denoting their supervisors will have the tools they need to effectively manage those employees who serve in the Guard and Reserve and they will continually recognize and support our country's members and their Families in peace, in crises and in war.

"I thank you for shouldering this load when others could not or would not," said Hagler.

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