Empowerment of Missouri National Guard Soldiers and Airmen

By Nancy K. Lane

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The leadership of the Missouri National Guard wants to know: Do Soldiers and Airmen feel that they are empowered?

"We need to ensure that Airmen and Soldiers are empowered to perform their duties," said Lt. Col. Mike Riggs. "Maj. Gen. Stephen L. Danner, the adjutant general of the Missouri National Guard, wants to see that all are adequately empowered in order to perform better, to have greater success and increased morale."

As a result, a 20-question survey has been created to obtain feedback from all Soldiers and Airmen regardless of rank, occupational specialty or senior command.

The survey is anonymous. Soldiers and Airmen are asked to only provide their rank and the senior command in which they serve. Questionnaires are filled out privately so as to not influence others or be influenced by the opinions of others.

If a Guardsman identifies himself or herself by name in the questionnaire's open comments section, that identification will only be used if the individual has granted permission.

Missouri Army National Guard Soldiers complete the online questionnaire via their Army Knowledge Online accounts. These answers are stored in a database with no identifying tags. To access the survey, follow these steps:
a) Open Internet Explorer

b) Press "Ctrl+O" (Hold Ctrl key down, press the letter O).

c) Type: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/327 in the Open dialogue box.

d) Click OK

e) Login at AKO and you will be directed to the MO National Guard AKO site.

f) Scroll down to the Empowerment Survey pane, click "Start Survey."

Missouri Air National Guardsmen must save the questionnaire to their computer, fill it out and complete the survey by filing it in the appropriate online folder. To complete, follow these steps.
a) Open Internet Explorer

b) Type the following link into the address area to open the MOANG COP:

c) Click on the CPI Empowerment Survey 2010 folder and open the Survey.

d) Save the survey onto your desktop or other designated folder.

e) Complete the survey and save your responses.

f) In the CPI Empowerment Survey 2010 folder, click the upload document tab.

g) Click Browse to find the file you want to upload.

h) Type in the name of the file the way you want it to display. (Note: the name of the file you upload will display by default and if you like that name you don't have to change anything.)

i) If you do not want anyone else to modify the file under Permissions choose Locked. Only you or an administrator could modify the file.

j) Click Upload File and you are done.

k) If you are done uploading your document, choose "View Documents" and it will take you to the documents.

The Lean Six Sigma method, which is a process-improvement procedure that requires the evaluators to define, measure, analyze, improve and control problems and needs, is being used to assess and address the needs of Soldiers and Airmen.

To help define those needs, the first step involves collecting information through Nov. 30.

The second step, which lasts through late January, measures the needs based on rank categories and senior commands.

During the following months, the leadership will analyze the causes, make recommendations, design improvements and control the implementation.

The intent of the project is to also ensure that there is one chain of command for all members of the Guard and that it is the proper military chain of command.

The deadline for completing the questionnaire is Nov. 30. All Missouri National Guard Soldiers and Airmen are encouraged to complete the assignment in an effort to help assure that they are empowered and prepared to serve their country both locally and globally.

For more information about the Missouri National Guard, please call 1-800-GoGuard or visit www.moguard.com.

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