110th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade - Kansas City


The 110th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade enables, enhances, and protects the operational and tactical freedom of action of the supported force.

It receives and integrates mission tailored forces to brigade combat teams and support brigades.

It commands and controls forces necessary to conduct security and functional operations in a designated area of operations in order to enable force application, focused logistics, battle space awareness and protection.

135th Signal Company - Lexington

311th Brigade Support Battalion - Lexington
Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment - Lexington

  • Company A - Nevada/Lamar
  • Company B - Centertown/Lexington
  • 548th Transportation Company - Trenton/Centertown
  • 1138th Transportation Company - Jefferson Barracks

1-138th Infantry Regiment - Kansas City
Headquarters and Headquarters Company - Kansas City

  • Company A - Kansas City/BoonvilleCompany B - St. Louis
  • Company C - St. Louis/Perryville
  • Company D - Monett/Anderson
  • 138th Forward Support Company - Jefferson City

1-129th Field Artillery Regiment - Maryville
Headquarters and Headquarters Battery - Maryville

  • Battery A - Albany
  • Battery B - Chillicothe
  • Battery D - Independence
  • 1128th Forward Support Company - Marshall/Richmond
 110th 110th


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