GUARD ON THE GROUND: The Guard, America

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  1. The Nationa Guard is an awesome asset the United States and the states we serve.. I am proud to be a member of the Missouri Army National Guard.

    I, too, am sorry for the 1141st loss.. Keep the family of the Soldier in our prayers and continue to pray for the Soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

  2. I clearly remember the enormous chip on my shoulder when I left active duty and joined the MOARNG in 1998. I quickly learned that, although not very good at D&C and maintenance, the medical professionals that I worked with in the Guard were infinitely more capable at their medical mission than my medics on active duty. Guard medics, it turned out, had day jobs that included working as EMTs, nurses, and firefighting. So, who would you rather have at your side on the battlefield back then: an active duty medic that’s really proficient at PMCS or a Guard medic that worked in the ER as a civilian Monday through Friday? Pretty easy choice… My perception of the Guard at that time was cultivated by active duty training and, quite honestly, Guard appearance and lack of combat experience.

    Fast forward twelve years to 2010. Today’s Guard is more professional, capable, and agile than ever before and there are many recent examples to prove it. It is no secret that there are challenges facing us in the near future. Talks of budget cuts and continued deployments are factors that will challenge us as an organization. We all must do our part to continue our excellent performance and professionalism. This is an effort that must be taken seriously by ALL members of the Missouri Guard. Never forget that our actions in and out of uniform send a message about our character and who we are to those that know nothing about the Guard. Let’s all do our part to ensure that ten years from now we are not fighting, once again, for relevance.

    Please keep SGT Kisseloff’s Family in your thoughts and prayers.

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