What can we do for you?

Each Soldier and Airmen have the right to be trained effectively. Each command must finely tune their Yearly Training Plans to minimize disruptions and changes.

For this to occur, the State Headquarters J/G3 needs to provide resources to enable your command plans.

The days of endless resources for schools and Active Duty Operational Support are becoming limited over the next two years.

I’m interested in what we can do better.

An example of an initiative that we are addressing nationally is the authority to compensate Soldiers for Distance Learning work. You do the work, complete the course, generate a certificate, you should be compensated. We can list many more, but we want to hear from you.

In your opinion, what do you believe we can do better to help your unit?

Doing business the way operational forces do business

The Missouri National Guard (MONG) continues to transform and more effectively meet the requirements of our dual mission. The Joint Force Headquarters’ mandate is to properly man, equip, and train MONG forces in order to project uniformed, disciplined, and trained manpower on an objective. We must effectively command and control our forces while providing clear direction to empowered leaders in the field.

To better accomplish this, the Adjutant General has published a base operations order (OPORD). The annual OPORD is located at https://www.us.army.mil/suite/files/22644359. The order is in the joint format, and broadly defines the Commander’s intent and related taskings.

The base order is complimented by the daily fragmentary order (FRAGO) that is used to push information and taskings to the staff, senior commands, and wings. Why use the FRAGO instead of distribution A messages, verbal direction, smoke signals, or telepathy? Quite simply, because it’s the way operational forces do business. When we deploy in support of a mission, we receive taskings thru a FRAGO. During State Emergency Duty, we receive tasking thru a FRAGO. When we participate in a key event (Air Show, Governor Inauguration, or annual training), we receive taskings thru a FRAGO. We’re shifting our thought process to embrace the concept that all formal taskings should be handled thru the orders process.

Our daily FRAGO contains a situational paragraph covering where forces are currently deployed or may be deployed. You’ll see a wide variety of information spanning threats in Afghanistan to river stages in Missouri. On a side note, the river stage information is specific to regional areas of responsibility empowering your commanders with the current and projected threat.

The daily FRAGO ensures we’re properly staffing potential taskings at the Joint Force Headquarters before tasking the field. We owe your commanders the who, what, where, when, why, and how. We owe your commanders a clearly defined purpose and the necessary resources. We owe your commanders ample time to digest, staff, and meet the requirement. We owe your commanders the opportunity to push back at requirements thru a formalized reclama process.

The daily order should help us more clearly define and better staff, articulate, resource, and track requirements. In turn, we are empowering commanders, Soldiers, and Airmen.

So what does all of this mean to you, and how can you use these orders to gain leverage? First, your senior commands and wings will decide how they will build upon and disseminate the order; your chain of command tasks you.

However, we’ve posted the base order and daily FRAGO on AKO, so all MONG members with a CAC login can see that Adjutant General’s intent and related taskings. Leverage the situation paragraph to prepare for future taskings.

Leverage the task information to gain and maintain visibility on key events such as the Bataan Memorial Death March, combative competitions, enlisted promotion list timelines, and Regional Training Institute support opportunities. Leverage this situational awareness to be better prepared.

The base and daily order process will evolve and transform as we receive AAR comments and suggestions. Let us know what you think.