Missouri Communities of Excellence: “Leaning” Forward

Usually when you hear that an organization is leaning forward, the idea that comes to mind is that the future operational climate is being considered and the subsequent events and task associated with the pending change are being developed. When it comes to process improvement “leaning” forward takes on a dual meaning, it not only means to look forward to new operational climates it also means that the way to achieve the objectives of the new climate require current organizational processes to be reviewed for efficiency. Essentially these processes will be “leaned” out for better productivity and to eliminate wasteful activity that potentially accumulated over years.

What this means for MONG is we will be getting back to basics and reviewing our core processes for improvement potential, it started with the development of an updated strategic plan and then on to an organizational assessment and finally with a list of process improvement projects that are and will continue to find better ways to do what we do best, create a ready and relevant force. We owe it to our Soldiers, Airmen, Civilian Employees, and their Families to do all we can to create the most efficient force we can generate. Programs like the Missouri Communities of Excellence (MoCOE) are the way ahead for this effort. The strong pillars that establish the frame work for this program create an environment of continual process improvement and evaluation of the organization.

MoCOE has the additional benefit of empowering our future leaders to begin getting an enterprise perspective of the organization by making real change in the processes that affect them on a daily basis. Involvement in this program by junior leaders provides an opportunity to get involved in organizational issues and become part of the future of MONG in a way that was not available in the past. I urge all of you to learn as much as you can about this amazing new program and what you can do it assist in making MONG more relevant and ready each and every day.

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