It’s only fall, but it’s time for “I.C.E!”

The Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives introduces the Interactive Customer Evaluation (I.C.E) Survey system to the Missouri National Guard. I.C.E is a web-based tool for collecting feedback about the services provided by our organization as well as other agencies/activities throughout the Department of Defense (DoD).

I.C.E will allow Soldiers, Airmen, employees, Families, vendors, supplies, stakeholders, or anyone we believe who can help our organization grow, to submit online comment cards – confidentially and anonymously – that provide critical and necessary feedback to our organization.

I.C.E provides us with a convenient and efficient method for our “customers” to express their opinions to us, and receive feedback from us. We now have a customer evaluation tool that is derived directly from the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, and its application to the Missouri National Guard’s journey to organizational improvement is intentional.

Bottom line – I.C.E provides customer satisfaction determination, a listen and learn methodology, and a standardized feedback system for us. If used appropriately, I.C.E will assist us in increasing our organizational effectiveness and leader development.

Look for more information regarding I.C.E via state-wide FRAGOs, MOGuard Facebook & Twitter, and via state wide e-mail distribution.

This is a great opportunity for each and every individual to provide feedback specific to issues that face us all.

Why Process Improvement is the Answer

As the mission of the Missouri National Guard shifts from War Fighting to Peacekeeping and resources become scarce we must ensure that our organization reacts quickly to this change and will maintain its relevance by becoming the force of choice for all foreign and domestic missions. We do this by taking a critical look at our organization and the processes by which we do day-to-day business. These processes define who we are and how we respond to our State and Federal customers. The tools that we use to review and improve our organization are just as important as the processes themselves.

The Army Communities of Excellence Program establishes a strategic engagement plan for our organization which defines the core competencies of the Missouri National Guard and provides a narrative of how our processes are linked to these core competencies. The Joint Continuous Process Improvement Program takes a critical look at these processes and establishes a plan by which these processes can be improved upon and thus become more efficient. These programs are strategic approaches for developing a culture of continuous improvement in the areas of reliability, process cycle times, costs in terms of less total resource consumption, quality, and productivity. Deployed effectively, they increase quality and productivity, while reducing waste and cycle time.

These programs not only enhance the organization they develop leaders who will be championed with making positive change that provide the competitive advantage necessary to obtain resources that enhance our capabilities and assist Missouri Communities.