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EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Official and Unofficial Transcripts are acceptable for STATE TA IAW 11 CSR 10-3.015 published May 31, 2015

State Tuition Assistance Benefits (STA)

The Missouri State Tuition Assistance Program was established in 1998 by Missouri House Bills 1519 & 1165, section 173.239. STA is available to Soldiers and Airmen of the Missouri National Guard (MONG) meeting the current Missouri State eligibility requirements outlined in 11 CSR 10-3.015.

STA is available to Soldiers and Airmen pursuing an undergraduate degree or below the day they enter the MONG. Soldiers and Airmen must be in good standing (Soldiers must not be flagged) to apply for STA for up to 39 semester hours per State Fiscal Year (1 July – 30 June) at a maximum rate matching the current rate at the University of Missouri – Columbia. Soldiers must obtain the STA Application from and submit it to the Missouri Army National Guard Education office before the start date of class(es). Airmen must obtain the STA Application from and submit it to the Missouri Air National Guard Education office before the start date of class(es). Soldiers must apply for Federal TA (FTA) or Chapter 1606 GI Bill before STA.

Federal Tuition Assistance Benefits (FTA)

FTA is available to Soldiers (Active Duty, National Guard, and Army Reserve) meeting the current Department of Defense eligibility requirements. Soldiers must complete Advanced Individual Training (AIT) or Basic Officer Leaders Course (BOLC) to use towards an undergraduate degree. If Soldiers used Federal Tuition Assistance towards their undergraduate degree, they must complete Advanced Leader Course (ALC), Warrant Officer Advanced Course (WOAC), or Captains Career Course (CCC) before they are eligible to use Federal TA towards a graduate degree. Soldiers must be in good standing (not flagged) to apply for FTA for up to 16 semester hours per Federal Fiscal Year (1 October – 30 September) at a maximum rate of $250.00 per semester hour. Soldiers must apply at GoArmyEd allows Soldiers to manage their education records including college classes, testing, on-duty classes, and Army Education Counselor support online, anytime, anywhere for classroom and distance learning.


The Secretary of the Army has authorized the use of incentives to serve as an extraordinary measure to assist the ARNGUS in meeting and sustaining manpower requirements.
Incentives also contribute to quality and skill-matching objectives, and help stabilize the ARNGUS through longer service commitment. The Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP) offers Enlistment Bonus, Educational Assistance, Reenlistment / Extension Bonus, Affiliation Bonus, repayment of student loans, and health professionals loan repayment.

GI Bill Programs

The GI Bill is a federally funded program administered by the military services and the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).
Each GI Bill program offers 36 months of educational assistance for full-time study; students attending half-time receive a maximum 72 months of benefits (payments are prorated for part-time study).
Soldiers may receive up to 36 months in any single DVA educational assistance program, and a maximum of 48 months of combined benefits.
DVA educational assistance programs include The Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve (Chapter 1606), Reserve Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 1607), Montgomery, Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty (Chapter 30), and the Post 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33).
More information about GI Bill programs is available at


Federal Tuition Assistance, State Tuition Assistance, and GI Bill are one of the few State-level programs that can be called by the soldier at any level without following their chain of command. We encourage Soldiers, retirees, and spouses/dependents at any level to call us if they have questions or concerns about their incentives and education benefits. We do ask that if you have a Bonus or Student Loan Repayment question that you first contact your unit to see what action has been taken at that level prior to calling the state representative direct.



  • Education Services Officer – 573-638-9500 ext 39637
  • .Education and Incentives NCOIC – 573-638-9500 ext 37051
  • Federal Tuition Assistance – 573-638-9500 ext 37053
  • State Tuition Assistance – 573-638-9500 ext 37689 and 37023
  • Bonuses- 573-638-9500 ext 37690
  • .Student Loan Repayment – 573-638-9500 ext 37139
  • GI Bill – 573-638-9500 ext 37052



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