31B1O - Military Police

Lessons include training in stress management, principles of terrorism, unarmed self-defense, tactical operations, civil disturbance, Law and Order operations, weapons training, Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) / Civilian Internee (CI) training, IED, Tactical Control Points (TCP), MOUT, convoy, Field Training Exercises (FTX), search and seizure, apprehension, levels of force, and patrol incidents.
The course focuses on the five primary functions of the Military Police (MP) Corps: Maneuver and Mobility Support Operations (MMSO), Area Security (AS), Police Intelligence Operations (PIO), Internment and Resettlement (I/R), and Law and Order Operations (L&O). The course is divided into two phases.

191-31B10(R) Military Police

The 31B Military Police Reclassification Course is designed to prepare the Soldier to perform duties at Skill Level 1 in MOS 31B. The course contains the critical tasks for duty performance at this level and presents them using sound training methodologies.
Military police supervise or provide support to the battlefield by conducting battlefield circulation control, area security, prisoner of war operations, civilian internee operations, law and order operations on the battlefield and support to the peacetime Army community through security of critical Army resources, crime prevention programs and preservation of law and order.

The following are minimum requirements to enter into 31B training:

 Security Manager Memo annotating a security clearance of *CONFIDENTIAL* or higher
 Post Reservation Checklist (PRC)
 ST score of 95
 PULHES of 222221
 Color vision requirements (Must have Red/Green Yes)
 DA 3349 (Permanent only)
 Must meet the height weight standards in accordance with AR 600-9.
 Meets all requirements for Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) qualifications.
 Must possess a valid state motor vehicle operator license.
 No objection to performing security duties in the vicinity of nuclear or chemical munitions stored or staged for military use.
 No record of more than 15 days lost under section 972-10-USC.
 No information in Provost Marshal Office, Intelligence Office, Military Personnel Record Jacket (MPRJ) or medical records which would prevent the granting of a security clearance under AR 604-5.
 No record of pre-trial intervention or conviction by military or civil court of the following:
 (a) Any offense involving force or violence.
 (b) Any offense listed under para 4-22, AR 601-210 (misdemeanor), or similar offense not listed for which the maximum possible sentence exceeds 4 months of confinement.
 (c) Two or more offenses within 5 years prior to the date of enlistment listed under AR 601-210, para 4-21, (minor non-traffic), or similar offense not listed for which the maximum possible sentence is less than 4 months confinement.
 (d) Three or more minor traffic offenses as listed under AR 601-210, para 4-20, (minor traffic) during the 12 months period prior to entry on active duty (does not include traffic violations considered misdemeanor or felony by virtue of fine amount per AR 601-210.
 (e) No pattern of behavior or actions that is reasonably indicative of a contemptuous attitude toward the lasw or other duly constituted authority.
 Minimum age of 18 at time of entrance on active duty.
 No record of possession or use of any narcotic or nonnarcotic drug as defined by Article 134, UCMJ and AR 600-50. (Personnel entering active duty may be granted waiver at Military Entrance Processing Station by the PERSCOM Security Interviewer DoD policy on cannabis use).
 Formal training (completion of MOS 31B course conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Army Military Police School) mandatory.
 All applicants for MOS 31B must be interviewed by PERSCOM Security Interviewer. Waivers will only be granted by ODCSPER (DAPE-MPA-RP). Service members reclassifying for MOS 95B must be interviewed by local Provost NCO (SFC or above) or Provost Marshal (CPT or above). Written endorsement must accompany re-enlistment contract.

Basic Job Description
Military Police protect lives and property on Army installations by enforcing military laws and regulations, as well as controlling traffic, preventing crime, and responding to emergencies. Military Police are responsible for providing support to the battlefield by conducting Area Security, Internment/Resettlement, Maneuver and Mobility Support, Law & Order, and Police Intelligence Operations.

Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS include:

Performs as a team member in support of battlefield operations, installation law and order operations and security of Army resources and installations. Leads military police teams in support of battlefield operations and leads and supervises small sections in support of security and installation law and order operations.
Leads military police squads and sections, operates police desks, plans crime prevention measures, operates evidence rooms and prepares operations plans and orders in military police detachnients in support of both battlefield and installation law and order operations and security of resources and installations.

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