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Introduction to OCS (Officer Candidate School)!

wantedWhy Should I Be a Commissioned Officer?

Your personal experiences
Greater service
Accomplish the mission & take care of Soldiers
Immediate impact in all areas
Benefits in your military & civilian careers
Pay and benefits

The Missouri National Guard is looking for future leaders!2lt

U.S. citizen and be eligible for/have Secret Security Clearance
Be between the ages of 18 and 42
Meet Army height and weight standards
Have the ability to pass a standard APFT
Have a minimum GT score of 110
Possess at least 90 semester college credit hours to begin the course** (A completed 4 year degree is required to be promoted to CPT) ....

Asshoot a Leader, you'll do more than issue orders. A Leader is charged with inspiring trust and confidence so others will follow you under any circumstances. ocsmonkeys
Leadership takes a special person with special abilities. This individual must be mentally and physically prepared to face the constant challenge of leadership.
Selection to attend the OCS programs does not guarantee successful completion and commissioning.
Each Officer Candidate must EARN his or her commission by demonstrating the requisite leadership skills necessary to succeed.

*There are a number of advantages and rewards in becoming an Officer...

reward1 greaterService

As an Officer you will serve your country in a leadership role, and become greaterVoicepart of the MOARNG management team.
You will have a greater voice in how your unit and the MOARNG operates.

As an Officer:
You will assist in planning and preparing your unit's training.
You can directly and immediately impact unit training and functions.
You will be in charge, responsible, accountable, and visible. No more wondering what's next because you help decide what the unit does and what your Soldiers do!

mngtThe leadership and management skills you learn will benefit your military AND civilian careers.

You will prove yourself to be highly responsible, reliable, civ Jobambitious, and self-confident -- all traits that current and future employers look for in Management Candidates...





Mtrumanen and women who aspire to climb the ladder of success can attain their goal by selecting the OCS programs.

The titles of "Commissioned Officer" is prestigious because they are earned through hard work, dedication, motivation, education and training.
Officers are leaders by virtue of their assignments and training.





reward2 higherPAy

Compare the pay of an E-4 M-day Soldier and a 2LT with over four years of service (per weekend drill)...
With a 15-day Annual Training, over the course of a year, this is a $2,787.75 pay difference (2014 base pay chart)!
spc 2LT$$$

On average, an M-day E-6 with over 8 years will make the following amount per drill weekend...
On average, an M-day CPT with over 8 years will make the following amount per drill weekend...
With a 15-day Annual Training, over the course of a year, this is a $5,162.85 pay difference (2014 base pay chart)!
ssg cpt


While you're enrolled in OCS, you'll get paid as an E-6, even if your current rank is E-3 or E-4!*

What about your Golden Years? $$$
Compare the pay of an M-day E-8 (about to retire) with over 20 years of service to an M-day LTC (about to retire) with over20 years...(2014 base pay chart)
Over the course of a year, this is a $7,404.39 pay difference!
MSG ltc


Officer Accession Bonus:
The ARNG offers a $10,000 bonus* to newly commissioned Officers! (Very Limited)
Eligibility Requirements:
Complete OBC
Agree to serve not less than 6 years
Agree to serve in a critical AOC (Area of Concentration)
Can not be AGR or Technician
Not already receiving certain other benefits, bonuses, or assistance (such as SLRP)**
* You will retain your current rank if you are AGR.  If ADOS, your rank is dependent upon your ADOS job..
** Other examples: Health Professions Stipend Program, Student Loan Repayment Program, Education Assistance Programs, Enlisted Bonusrewards,morehelo

You will be a Federally recognized Officer, with a Federal Recognition Order, valid in any state or on Active Duty.


The Army OCS was established in 1941 to provide Infantry officers for World War II.
Through all of the years OCS has remained an important commissioning source for the Army National Guard.
BradleyMissouri's own General Omar Bradley is the man given credit for the final plans for OCS and establishing the format, discipline and honor code still used today. As Commandant of the Infantry School, GEN Bradley emphasized training and efficient organization.
The Missouri OCS tradition began almost 50 years ago when 38 soldiers received commissions as U.S. Army second lieutenants at the first Missouri OCS graduation in 1963.
The school was located at various locations across Missouri, and is now located at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.sidwell


Former Missouri
Officer Candidates





LTG Vaughn--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MG Sidwell

LTG Clyde A. Vaughn, former Director of the Army National Guard, received his commission through the Missouri OCS program in 1974.
A graduate of Class 12, his OCS classmates include MG King E. Sidwell, former Adjutant General of the Missouri National Guard; BG Marvin W. Pierson, former Assistant Adjutant General-Army; and BG Michael B. Pace, former 35th Engineer Brigade commander.

crs infoocsFormationClassroom Subjects Include:

  • Basic Military Skills
  • Effective Writing
  • Combat Arms
  • Combat Support
  • Combat Service Support

OCS,AARBasic Leadership Topics:

  • Leadership
  • Tactics
  • Squad Drills
  • Land Navigation
  • Maintenance
  • Communications


Platoon Trainers, (Formerly "TAC" Officers) (Teach, Assess, Counsel)
**Responsible for developing leadership through supervision and evaluate candidates based on the following principles:TACs

  • Soldier-Team Development
  • Supervision
  • Teaching And Counseling
  • Management Techniques
  • Technical And Tactical Proficiency
  • Decision-Making
  • Planning
  • Professional Ethics
  • Communication

Candidates are evaluated on their performance in leadership positions.
Successful evaluations (continuous improvement) AND academic achievement (70% or higher) are necessary for graduation from OCS.

There are 3 ways to complete OCS

Missouri Traditional

Orientation: Jan 2013
Pre-OCS: Mar - May 2013
Phase I: Jun 2013
Phase II: Jul 2013 - May 2014
Phase III: Aug 2014
Graduation: Sep 2014

Summer Accelerated
Orientation: Jan 2013
Phase 0: Mar - Jun 2013
Phase I-II-III: Jun - Aug 2013
Graduation: Sep 2013

Winter Accelerated
Pre-OCS: Dec 2012
Phase I-II-III: Jan - Mar 2013
Graduation: Mar/Apr 2013

Graduation and CommissioningGraduation
The weekend begins with a commissioning ceremony in which Candidates pin on their Gold Bars surrounded by friends and family.
Next, the new Lieutenants attend a memorable and prestigious Graduation in the historic Missouri State Capitol rotunda in Jefferson City.
Finally, the evening ends with a formal Dining-Out, again attended by family, friends and dignitaries.



Your next step after commissioning is to attend the Basic Officer Leadership Course. This is a resident course.*
** You must complete BOLC within one year of your commissioning date - 18 months with waiver.

BOLC is a branch-specific stage, conducted at various locations across the United States and is six to 14 weeks in length.
Missouri officer branches:

Aviation, Chemical, Engineer, Field Artillery, Military Intelligence, Military Police, Logistics (Ordnance, Quartermaster and Transportation), Signal Corps, and Infantry



ENGINEER - "Essayons"demo

 The Engineer Corps is in charge of the construction of all Army facilities, from schools to barracks to bunkers. They also create highways and dam rivers. On a tactical level, Combat Engineers are responsible for helping the movement of friendly troops (building bridges) and hindering the movement of enemy troops (blowing up bridges).
 BOLC is conducted at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.


MPMILITARY POLICE - "Assist, Protect, Defend"

 The Military Police Corps is responsible for security around military installations and anti-terrorism measures. MP units are given the task of criminal investigation in military-related crimes. In a combat environment, MP missions include handling of Enemy Prisoners of War and rear guard security.
 BOLC is conducted at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.

CHEMICAL - "Elementus Regamus Proelium"chem
 Chemical Corps units are deployed towards the front lines to detect and react to any NBC attack. On the battlefield, they employ smoke and flame field expedients. Chemical officers also arrange for research and testing of new NBC defensive techniques.
 BOLC is conducted at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.


The Infantry ("Queen of Battle") is the Army's oldest and most prestigious branch, the nation's might.
Upon completion of IBOLC, you will have been transformed into a warrior leader, imbued with the Warrior Ethos, and prepared to lead Soldiers in your charge through inspired leadership, grounded in the Army's Values.
Infantry officers may request to attend Airborne, Air Assault, Pathfinder, and Ranger Schools to further develop their Infantry and leadership skills.
BOLC is conducted at Ft. Benning, GA
avnAVIATION - "Above the Rest"

 Army Aviation employs several types of helicopters to support battlefield ops. Helicopters are used for medical evacuations, intelligence gathering, and troop movement.
 BOLC is conducted at Ft. Rucker, AL.



FIELD ARTILLERY - "Cedat Fortuna Peritis"FA

The mission of the Field Artillery ("King of Battle") is "To destroy, neutralize, or suppress the enemy by cannon, rocket, and missile fires and to help integrate all fire support assets into combined arms operations."
 Artillery lieutenants are responsible for not only the firing of howitzers, rockets, and missiles, but also their targeting, supply, and coordination.
 BOLC is conducted at Ft. Sill, OK.


 The Military Intelligence Corps collects information from tactical units, radar, observations, espionage, and all other possible sources. MI units then combine that intelligence to give commanders an accurate picture of the enemy's situation.
 BOLC is conducted at Ft. Huachuca, AZ.


ORDNANCE CORPS - "Armament for Peace"

 The Ordnance Corps is responsible for the supply, transportation, inspection, and security of all munitions. They also handle the detonation of any unexploded munitions, and the maintenance and repair of Army weapons systems, from M-16s to tanks.
 BOLC is conducted at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

qmQUARTERMASTER CORPS - "Supporting Victory"

 The Quartermaster Corps is in charge of all supply and procurement. They also control Army and Air Force Exchanges (PX/BX) as well as dining facilities. Quartermaster Officers must be both meticulous in their record keeping and far-sighted in their planning for future needs.
 BOLC is conducted at Ft. Lee, VA.



SIGNAL CORPS - "Pro Patria Vigilans"
 The Army Signal Corps provides the critical link between the commanders and ground troops. Signal Officers are responsible both for establishing and maintaining lines of communication by radio, satellite, or fiber optic cable.
 BOLC is conducted at Fort Gordon, GA.

tcTRANSPORTATION CORPS - "Spearhead of Logistics"

 The monumental task of moving the Army from one place to another falls upon the Transportation Corps. Transportation Officers must plan for the employment of road, rail, air, and sea resources to project the Army's forces anywhere in the world.
 BOLC is conducted at Ft. Eustis, VA.

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