Missouri Communities of Excellence (MoCOE)



What is MoCOE?

-Reference point for organizational assessment and process improvement to support the strategic objectives and joint operational capabilities of the Missouri National Guard.

-Provides the framework to fully integrate organizational quality programs throughout the MONG, to include Management Control programs.

-Blends Baldrige National Quality Program and Joint Continuous Process Improvement (JCPI) Program.

-MoCOE tenets "development, performance, and relevance."


Baldrige National Quality Program [Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Improvement Act of 1987/Public Law 100-107]

-Long-term strategy

-Provides a fact-based evaluation of the organization (insiders not outsiders)

-When accomplished against a reliable set of criteria, has proven to be effective in improving organizations in diverse industries. (Midway USA)

-Empowers leaders to influence the future of the organization


Joint Continuous Process Improvement (JCPI) [Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act /Public Law 110-417]

-A proven and effective mechanism to manage our organization by examining processes using facts and data to drive better solutions:

-Mission accomplishment without fail given resource constraints coupled with increased demands

-Refined processes to accomplish everyday tasks

-Identifiable cost savings, cost avoidance and opportunities to recapitalize limited budgets into more successful outcomes

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