35th Combat Aviation Brigade - Sedalia


The 35th Combat Aviation Brigade deploys to an area of responsibility to provide command, control, staff planning and supervision of combat aviation brigade operations.

The brigade's units fly a combination of AH-64A Apache attack helicopters, OH-58 Kiowa observation helicopters and UH-60< Blackhawk utility helicopters. It also has a detachment of two C-23 Sherpa cargo airplanes and a C-12 transport airplane.

The brigade's units are capable of performing unit, intermediate and depot level aviation maintenance.
Missouri is one of only five locations in the U.S. with the capability to perform depot-level aviation maintenance.

1-135th Aviation Battalion - Whiteman Air Force Base
Headquarters Company - Whiteman Air Force Base

  • Company A - Whiteman Air Force Base
  • Company B - Whiteman Air Force Base
  • Company C - Whiteman Air Force Base
  • Company D - Whiteman Air Force Base
  • Company E - Whiteman Air Force Base/Clinton

3-135th Aviation Battalion - Lebanon
Headquarters Company - Lebanon

  • 1-106th Aviation - Fort Leonard Wood
  • Company B, 1-134th Aviation Company - Jefferson City
  • Det. 1, 106th Aviation Regiment - Fort Leonard Wood
  • Det. 1, Company D, 1st Bn, 106th Avn Regt - Fort Leonard Wood
  • Det. 1, Company E, 1st Bn, 106th Avn Regt - Fort Leonard Wood
  • Det. 3, Company I, 185th Avn Regt (C23) - Springfield
  • Det. 40, Opns Spt Airlift Cmd (OSACOM) - Jefferson City

935th Aviation Support Battalion - Springfield
Headquarters Company - Springfield

  • Company A - Aurora
  • Det. 3, Company B - Warrensburg
  • Company C - Carrollton
 Helicopter Mo Guard
An AH-64 Apache helicopter from Whiteman Air Force Base, flown by Chief Warrant Officer 2 Shaun Defenbaugh and Capt. Travis Young, prepares to land for a static display outside of LaMonte at L A Raceway.Staff Sgt. Benjamin T. Berislavich prepares to hand 30-mm bullets to another armament while loading them into the chain gun located on the bottom of the Apache gunship.

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