Program Management


To plan and coordinate state counterdrug supply and demand reduction support, establish liaison with supported LEAs and other community organizations, resource and manage personnel and equipment requirements for counterdrug support operations, and prepare operational / financial reports and briefings as required.

Support Requests

The National Guard will not initiate counterdrug operations without a request for support validated by the CDC or a designated representative.

Requests must originate with an LEA or CBO, in writing, and signed by a responsible official specifying the length of required support.

An annual written request will be required when the requesting agency desires continuation of support from fiscal year to fiscal year.

Request Requirements

  • Be on agency letterhead
  • Have current date
  • Be signed by responsible official
  • Specify the length of required support
  • Have a drug nexus as primary purpose
  • Explain duties and responsibilities of the soldier / airman
  • List other pertinent information that agency feels is necessary
  • List agency point of contact and phone number

Verbal Requests

Verbal requests must be followed by a written request as soon as possible for all support.

Contact Information to Request Support

Counterdrug Coordinator
Ike Skelton Training Site
2302 Militia Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101-1203

You may fax your request to 573.638.9841, but you must still mail the original.

You may initially request the support verbally from the Counterdrug coordinator or his designated representative, but prior to support execution a written request must be received.


  • DD Form 1058-R (PDF)
  • DD Form 369 (PDF)
  • Missouri Highway Patrol Authorization & Release (PDF)
  • Sample Army Commander's Letter of Recommendation (PDF)
  • Sample Air Force Commander's Letter of Recommendation (PDF)
  • DD Form 1351-2 (PDF)
  • Open Positions

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