MO Guard Regulations

TPR Name

TPR Date
TPR 303Military Technician Compatibility24 August 2005
TPR 335-1Combined Pay Incentives6 March 2001
TPR 351Reduction in Force6 March 2001
TPR 335Merit Placement Plan1 January 1996
TPR 400Technician Human Resources Development Program14 September 2007
TPR 430Missouri National Guard Technician Performance Appraisal System5 November 2009
TPR 451Missouri National Guard Incentive Awards Program15 Dec 1998
TPR 532-8Hazardous Duty Pay/Environmental Differential Pay5 Feb 2011
TPR 550-10Permanent Change of Station Allowances6 March 2001
TPR 630Absence and Leave Program27 August 2010
TPR 715Voluntary and Non-Disciplinary Actions13 July 2007
TPR 752Discipline and Adverse Action27 August 2010
TPR 990Supervisors23 January 2003


600-86 (Army)
30-3 (Air)
Employee Assistance Program for Military and Competitive Technicians and Active Guard/Reserve1 February 2001

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