Personnel Systems

Ms. Elaine Lock, HRS, Data Management Supervisor

PBX Extension : 39690
Main Number : 573-638-9500 x39690
FAX : 573-638-9676

SGT Nicholas Garrard

PBX Extension : 37493
Main Number : 573-638-9500 x37493
FAX : 573-638-9676


PBX Extension : 37917
Main Number : 573-638-9500 x37917
FAX : 573-638-9676

MyBiz and associated web pages are web-based tools created by the Department of Defense (DoD) as part of the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) to allow DoD personnel access to and management of their individual personnel records. The DoD MyBiz and associated tools can be accessed only by authorized DoD personnel within a .mil network. The DoD MyBiz tool has no association with any private or other enterprise using “MyBiz” in whole or in part as a title or logo.