Rank Structure

Float your Cursor over each Rank to see the name.

EnlistedOfficersWarrant Officers

Private E-1


 Second Lietunant

Warrant Officer W-1


Private E-2


First Lieutenant O-2


Chief Warrant Officer 2


Private First Class, E-3


Captain 0-3


Chief Warrant Officer 3, W-3


Specialist, E-4


Major, O-4


Chief Warrant Officer 4, W-4


Corporal, E-4


Lieutenant Colonel, O-5


Chief Warrant Officer 5, W-5


Sergeant, E-5


Colonel, O-6



Staff Sergeant, E-6


Brigadier General, O-7



Sergeant First Class, E-7


Major General, O-8



Master Sergeant, E-8


Lieutenant General, O-9



First Sergeant, E-8


General, O-10



Sergeant Major, E-9



Command Sergeant Major, E-9



Sergeant Major of the Army, E-9



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