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Maj. Gen. Steve Danner gives suicide awareness message [HD]

Warrior & Family Resilience

The Resilience Program focuses on strengthening the six dimensions of strength which support service members and their Families during adversity.

- Spiritual Resilience - Teaches service members the importance of staying true to their core values, and balancing stressors with things that feed their spirit.
- Emotional Resilience - Service members learn about stress reduction techniques and are encouraged to seek help when emotions seem unbearable.
- Family Resilience - Focuses on the importance of the relationship between a service member and their Family and teaches key factors healthy Families should possess.
- Physical Resilience - Informs service members of the importance of taking care of their body through nutrition, exercising regularly and adequate sleep has on reacting-to and overcoming adversity.
- Financial Resilience - Service members are introduced to the basic functions of finance. Topics include, income and budget and credit and debt management.
- Social Resilience - Instills people connection and the importance of the sense of belonging.





Substance Abuse Prevention Office
PH: 573-638-9645
Mark Disbrow, Alcohol/Drug Control Officer
Suicide Prevention Program Manager
Arnie Grewall
PH: 573-638-9557  
Cynthia Fields, Substance Abuse Prevention -

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