Retirement Services Office

Missouri National Guard
2405 Logistics Road Jefferson City, MO 65101-1203

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Phone: 573-638-9500 ext. 37011 or 39648
FAX: 573-638-9548
EMail: or

The U.S. Uniformed Services Blended Retirement System

Saving with the New Blended Retirement System

The Fiscal Year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act provides our military force with a modernized retirement plan built for retirement savings. Beginning in 2018, our service members can get automatic and matching Thrift Savings Plan contributions as well as mid-career compensation incentives in addition to a monthly annuity for life. All service members under the current system are grandfathered into today’s retirement system.

Who We Serve

The Retirement Services Office (RSO) administers the Non-Regular Retirement Program for the Missouri National Guard. Provides answers for retiring Service Members (SM), Gray Area Retirees, Retirees at age 60, Disability Retirees, and Annuitants concerning information on retirement eligibility, qualifying service, retired grade determinations, benefits and entitlements. We manage special programs such as, the Missouri National Guard Retiree Council (MONGRC) which hold quarterly meetings, and Retiree Appreciation Days.

What We Can Do For You

  • Process the 20 Year Notification of Eligibility (NOE) for Retired Pay or 15 Year NOE for medical
  • Review Army Retirement Request before forwarding to G1
  • Forward the Retirement Awards and Certificates to units or SM
  • Assist Retirees approaching age 60 and/or Medical/Disability SM with the retirement application process
  • Report the death of a Retiree or Annuitant and assist survivors with applications for arrears of pay and other benefits
  • Assist SM or Retirees eligible for the Reduced Retirement
  • Responsible to plan and coordinate Retiree Appreciation Days
  • Serve as advisor to the MONG Retiree Council

Provide Briefings

  • SM with 18/19 years of qualifying service for retirement on the Reserve
  • Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP)
  • Pre-retirement brief to SM on “Gray Area” (Retirees prior to age 60) on the non-regular retirement with benefits/entitlement
  • Retirees at age 60 or Medical on retirement pay with benefits/entitlements
  • Annuitants concerning pay with benefits/entitlements


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