Strong Bonds

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Need to Get Away?

  • This romantic weekend is designed to help you live and love before deployment starting with a strong family foundation!
  • Just getting back from deployment, about to deploy?
  • Are your kids college-bound or out of the house, feeling that empty nest?
  • Are you a Missouri National Guard Citizen-Soldier serving the State of Missouri and your Country?

Take some time out for yourself and join us for a fun-filled weekend! No cost! Confidential

These training are a fresh approach to relationships, not therapy. It is for soldiers who want to make/continue healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Strong Bonds PREP is a fresh approach and is education, not therapy. It is for couples who want to make/continue a healthy and fulfilling marriage. It is a skills and principles building curriculum designed to help partners increase their connection with one another.

Take some time out for yourselves and join us for a fun-filled weekend! No cost! Confidential!

Strong Bonds Training

As registration becomes available for an event, that event will be hyperlinked.  Click on the event to register for that date.

(limited to 30 couples per event):